The Shack

After almost a year of hearing so many people give differing opinions about The Shack by William P. Young, I have finally read the book for myself. I am glad that I did.

I do not read just books that reflect or encourage my personal Christian beliefs. I read some books that challenge me. They make me think and consider the what and why of my beliefs. This is a book that differs from my personal beliefs.

If I were to write about my experience of meeting God face-to-face, what picture would I sketch? Isaiah said that Jesus would not be handsome but would be despised! (Isaiah 53) John tried to describe what God looked like when he met Him but all he could say was he was like something! (Revelation 1) Abraham didn’t recognize God when they met. Thousands met Jesus in His 33 years and did not know Him as God until … later.

I’ve had a child die. I’ve felt that white hot rage. I’ve felt the cold despair. The Great Sadness is a good description of the cloak that covers a person in this situation. I believe that God comes very personally and intimately to you and meets with you in a way that only you, only you, can understand and believe. Mr. Young shared this experience and if God in this book did not fit your beliefs because He did not look or act how you thought He should – then I think you missed the best point of the book. The Point? God will come to meet with you in the midst of your worse moments – because that is how much He loves you!

ISBN-10: 0964729237

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  1. Jody this book is amazing! Alyssa has read it repeatedly and I have read it twice. My best friend Patty and I are planning a book discussion of it. I LOVE this book!

  2. Jody I bought and read this book last fall….. and gave it away. I have since bought 4 more copies with the intent on reading it again….. and instead have been led to give them away—and everybody I give it to— reads it and passes it on! It's so true…. God WILL meet you where you are— if you let Him!

  3. I love this book. It gave me a lot to think about. I believe God gave Mr. Young the words of wisdom to let people know that they are not alone no matter what the circumstances are. Each one of us was created in God's image. Therefore, why shouldn't we see God in our own way. He can appear as our next door neighbor, a friend in need, even a hobo. We must trust in HIM to show us the way and to believe and know that He is in control of each situation. I cried, I laughed and even had to re-read some of the chapters to make sure I wasn't missing something very important to ME!!!

    I understand that the book is out on audio. I want to find it and listen to the book once again. I also was told this may be made into a movie. Hope those of you that have not read it, will do so. You may or may not like it. But give GOD A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He may be trying to reach you in a way you can't imagine. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU

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