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ICONs: Life and Death

The word icon has been used freely in the last week by the media in every known form of communication as they wrote about the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. As I researched about icon I read that it was a picture or image that represents another object by its related characteristics or analogy. (www.dictionary.com) The reporters were implying that these people were icons of our culture. A thousand years from now, the image of Farrah in her red swimsuit or Michael in his sequined socks and one glove will appear on a screen and a teen will say, “Yes, that was the 1990’s, all right!” I don’t know whether to be insulted or ashamed! Both probably.

As in the death of anyone, the families and friends of these two individuals are to be comforted and supported as they look for their own answers to difficult questions. Their lives will be analyzed and picked apart in the days and weeks ahead. All mistakes magnified and little said about who they were…really.

And so today, I am considering my icons. Those who represent what is important in my life and who give a picture of the characteristics that I treasure. Look at the covers on two books that I am involved in publishing. There are my icons.

Luke: A Participatory Study Guide The Jesus Paradigm

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