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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

If you watch very little TV, this should be a show on your list.

If you watch only ____ (TBN, CNN, ESPN, etc), this should be a show on your list.

In it’s seventh season this show continues to be an uplifting, positive start to my week. In the best and truest sense, the communities highlighted in each episode, say, “Yes, we can!” There is no doubt that the star-power of the shows bring special “gifts” to the families and companies reap the benefits of advertising. But it is the communities that bring hundreds of volunteer man-hours and thousands of dollars raised to pay mortgages and medical bills that shows all of us that many individuals comign together can make a major difference in a family.

Whether we come together as a church or a small group of caring citizens, let us look out of our own pits and take the hand of someone near. The single mom down the street could use her lawn mowed and flowers planted in recycled pots. A fresh dab of paint would make them new! The older couple living in the “forever house” would think it new with some paint and elbow grease!


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