Grief Book on Sale!

This week my book, Grief: Finding the Candle of Light, is on sale! Retail priced at $8.99, this week it is on sale for $5.00! If you have a friend or family member – or you yourself, have experienced a loss, this book may be of help. This book is written for individual or small group support. Go to to take advantage of this sale!  Sale ends Friday, May 22nd.

Book excerpts:

Chapter 3: How I wish I had …

Regrets are sorrows over events that are now beyond my control to change. If I could have known that the immediate future would so drastically change, I would have spoken or done something differently. Another “good-by”, “I love you”, or “I’m sorry” are phrases I want to say more often than I do.

I think regrets are one of those things that can best be put in true perspective when I write them down. Taking the time to write down regrets whether in a list or even a letter can bring a regret into black and white. While it may make it seem more real, it also puts the regret into words and brings a balance to emotional thoughts. Writing may bring clarity to what it is I regret.

Chapter 10: How do I go on?

“How do I go on?” won’t be the last question you ask. Wrestling with God is a way for me to describe how God and I discuss my questions. I wrestle with God until He blesses me with an answer (Genesis 32: 22-26).

“How do I go on?” I go on because that is where the one that I love is. He is no longer ‘back there’ or ‘back here’. He has gone on. Even memories are here in the present. They are present with me. The person is – frozen – in time. Frozen in the time we had together and that is what makes up my ‘present’ with him. When I take those first toddling steps forward, I go toward where he now lives.

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