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Valentine’s Day – Not my Holiday

My husband came home last night after being gone through the weekend on a business trip. He came home with flowers. He doesn’t just bring me flowers for an occasion. In fact usually, we seem to have money in our budget for “extras” like flowers when it isn’t an occasion! I so appreciate when Henry brings me a flower like last night that really speaks to my heart, “I was thinking of you and I love you”.

Valentine’s Day is not one of the holidays that I personally like. I think the media hype is more eschewed for Valentine’s Day than it is for Christmas.

If you really love her, buy her a diamond.”

If you really love him, buy him a bottle of cologne for $200.”

If you really love that special person, take them on a vacation to the islands.”

Are those really true expressions of love? Is the measure of my love determined by how much I spend on this one day in the year?

It not about things. It’s about caring enough to grow a relationship every day. I saw it this year in the woman who was married to a service man who went away to war and came back without his legs. She held his hand to steady him as he walked and looked at him with such love, that I knew that was “steady” more than her hand.

I saw it in the man who cares for his wife who has cancer, loving her more than he did the day he married her.

I saw it in the couple walking down the street holding hands and holding their canes. Loving each other in the last years just as they did in those first weeks, 60+ years ago.

They gave many reasons as to why they love and it had nothing to do with diamonds or chocolate.

My husband did not get expensive cologne this year. I gave him my prayer time for every part of his life. I give him my respect, love, and friendship every day. I do so love him – every day.

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