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Read Something Encouraging!

I have friends who never read a newspaper and never watch a newscast. Two reasons are usually given: 1) The media does not give a truthful, unbias report of people and events. 2) They feel they should stay focused on what God says, not what the world thinks.

I can agree with the first reason and believe the second. However, I also take about 10-15 minutes each day and scan my local paper online (like Mark Twain I check the obituaries to make sure I am not listed) and one national online news feed.  Occasionally, I see an article that catches my interest enough to scan it, but not even daily.

I spend more of my reading time on words that encourage me and challenge me to think. (The media tells me what to think!) And I want to encourage to do the same.

Certainly I read some Scripture every day and I am ever amazed how I am drawn to what I need to read. Sometimes this draws me to the devotion I write and send out daily but often there are words just for me.

I also read what others have written. Many would be surprised by the eclectic mix authors that I read. I can safely say that there are none that I can 100% agree.  To rad only what was in line with my own thoughts would not encourage growth spiritually or mentally.  My “little grey cells” would find no exercise and my spiritu would not stand and say, “This is why I believe.” But whoever and whatever I read I always end with encouragement and with my eyes focused on the Hope that I have.

Some recent authors I have read: Billy Graham (Led to Believe, ISBN#0824947266)

Max Lucado (Out Live Your Life, ISBN#0849920698)

Don Piper (Heaven is Real, ISBN#0425215555)

Debbbie MaComber (That Holiday Feeling, ISBN#9780778328377) Christian fiction author that always has a subtle point that makes me think

Henry Neufeld (Not Ashamed of the Gospel, (ISBN#1893729370)

David Alan Black (The Jesus Paradigm, ISBN#1893729567)

Allan R. Bevere (Character of our Discontent, ISBN#9781893729780) I can pick it up and read one chapter and get something new.

D. Kevin Brown (Rite of Passage)  This will be available to the general public in late May 2011.  I am the lucky proofreader who gets an early look!

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