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Reimagine: Warrington 2011 Rewind

On Saturday, March 26th, I had the best seat to watch Jesus walk among His children. He gave a beautiful, sunny spring day and an open park to bring together many, many groups of people who work in the vineyard. Combined, they became a flood of love and care on those who are in need.

Smiles began as guests were cheerfully greeted and invited to “Come in and enjoy!”.

Faces were painted.

Hair was cut and nails polished.

Lunch was freely given and food for future meals provided.

Children and adults were even taught to fish!

Clothes and shoes were perused and selected; taken home at no cost.

Blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol were checked and teaching sheets handed out.

Games, songs, cotton candy, and much more, produced even more smiles and laughter.

The Good News of Jesus Christ is about unconditional love, undeserved mercy, and assurance of Hope beyond what I can see. That News was brought to Warrington. May planting and watering and harvesting continue to the glory of God!

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