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Walmart: The Store You Hate to Love

Another day of grocery shopping…another day when never having to walk in Walmart again would lower my blood pressure by at least 10 points and take me to a whole new level of happy. The obvious reasons that I keep … Continue reading

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Accountability – Still Part of My Life

J. Lee Grady’s newsletter this month, Why Bishop Eddie Long Should Be Transparent, convicted me of my own need for accountability in order to be spiritually healthy. It is a no-brainer to say that accountability among the ordained is, at … Continue reading

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Reimagine Worldwide

Dateline: Warrington neighborhood, Pensacola, FL “If God be your partner, make your plans large.” Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899) I know some people that live what Rev. Moody said. They have built on Jesus’ foundation in order to impact entire communities. … Continue reading

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Rachel Ray and Oprah Magazines

In this day of electronics, buying a hard copy magazine begs the question, “Why?”. First, there is the price. Most magazines like I have mentioned are $6 or more per issue. I can go online for free. Second, there is … Continue reading

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“Extraordinary Measures”

I will have to put Extraordinary Measures in my 2010 Top 10 Movies. On the recommendation of my son, my husband and I sat down to watch this movie via Netflix. (By the way, we have had Netflix for over … Continue reading

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Montana Gem

Twenty years ago, I had a beautiful opal that I wanted reset from a necklace into a mother’s ring. My brother and his family lived in Montana at that time and had friends, the Gneitings, who were gifted in just … Continue reading

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Looking for Good Christian Fiction

I love to read. As a publisher, I spend a lot of time reading ‘for work’. I also read and study for my spiritual health. That is import but just like a professional athlete likes to play a sport ‘for … Continue reading

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ANNE CHANCEY DALTON: God-given Talents

Anne Dalton has been a friend for over 15 years. After seeing her this past week, I can say without any doubt – I have not met all the many faces (facets) of Anne! This woman takes her gift for … Continue reading

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“Good Sportsmanship” IS the Olympics

I am a fan of the Olympics. Winter or Summer, Special or Para, for me the Olympics are a snapshot for the best in humankind. It is a time of coming together participating in a sport that is a passion … Continue reading

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A New Adventure

Today I am pleased to announce the first edition of the webzine, Bible Study Paths. The purpose of the Bible Study Paths webzine is to promote enthusiastic Bible study in the individual, small groups, and the Church at large. There … Continue reading

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