2008 John Webb Winter Golf Tournament Report

Rainy course at Tiger Point

January 19th dawned rainy. It was no different than the previous 24 hours! The Sixth Annual John Webb Winter Golf Tournament had a first – too much rain to play! John and volunteers arrived at the golf course as planned at 7:30 a.m. Faces were pretty sad and glum because this is the day that we work all year to make happen for the children of Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

Baseball players tour Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital

On Friday, January 18th, twelve baseball players, coaches, and mascot visited the children at the hospital. This year, John invited the local college teams to join him and see a principle taught to him by mentor, Travis Fryman, “Don’t ever forget where you came from…give back to your community”. As I followed the players through rooms, handing out balls, pictures, smiles, and gentle joking with babies, toddlers, teens, and parents, I noted that every player at some point had a moist eye as we met beautiful children and brave parents who are fighting their way through a difficult ‘season’ in their lives. THIS is why we do what we do!

John at Buffet Table

And so on Saturday, when rain threatened to de-rail our plan, God came through and spoke through a wonderful woman. I am not going to give her name here but when we were thinking we should cancel the whole day, she suggested we continue with the lunch (that was already a non-refundable expense) and raffle and silent auction. She was right! Though the day was gray and more than a little chilly, hearts were warm and generous as they made their raffle choices and bid on the auction items!

Mehles and Megan at lunch

The food was delicious bar-b-q chicken served up by the Tiger Point Golf Club’s chef! We are still awaiting a few promised contributions but the children will be receiving some surprise gifts this year for sure!!!

John with SMU golf players

Special THANK YOU to all our volunteers!!! Also many thanks to Samantha Holt (below, second from the left) and fellow golf team friends who came to play all the way from Southern Mississippi University!

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