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Baseball Player Helps–Even without a Ball!

“You have received much… so give much…freely.” Matthew 10:8

God gives us all so much that we not only do not deserve…but He opens opportunities and grows them into something that we could not possibly imagined! The John Webb Winter Golf Tournament is one of those opportunities.

In 2002, when the first tournament was held and raised almost $1,000 for children at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, Pensacola FL, no one involved in that first year imagined that six years later $35,000 had bought plasma TVs, DVD players, X-Boxes, journals, craft materials, digital camera and printer, and so much more for children who were battling life-threatening illnesses. God blessed us and so we just let Him have the steering wheel and drive our bus!

Recently, a writer for the American Association Baseball League called John Webb and asked if he could write an article. He had an interesting inside-baseball angle that he wanted to explore. John decided this year to work on moving the golf tournament to “the next level” by making it something bigger, The James Webb Foundation, named after his little brother. It will become more than just a once a year fundraiser golf tournament. It will be about more children, and more ‘stuff’ that will help them, encourage them, to fight the good fight.

If you want to learn more about how you can be a part of making a miracle happen, go to www.biblepacesetter.org/golf .

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