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The Next ‘Women’s Day Out’ Seminar – Oh, What Will I Do?

This could be called “Part II” to the “women” blog (August 14, 2009).

I read Sara Flushing’s blog on women’s ministry and felt compelled to add my voice in speaking to women who are already stressing about upcoming Christmas parties or next women’s seminar. “How are we going to top last year?” TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND READ THIS!!!

“The way we have always done it” with over-the-top centerpieces and “chef-perfect” menus is not the focus! Spend time prayerfully identifying a speaker who has a fresh, relevant word to bring to your audience. Lay out a nice salad bar with dessert options of decadent or healthy and call it a success! As a speaker, mom, grandmother, and fellow-busy-woman I can pass on the votes of hundreds of women who want a “day away” with other adult women, food that I did not prepare, great conversation, and nourishing food for my spirit — and I am happy!!!

I included this video of Jeanne Robinson that a friend passed along to me. She certainly lifted my spirit with the joy of laughter. (Proverbs 17:22) She has a website: www.jeannerobinson.com

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