From My Editing Desk: The Unbroken Road by Katy Isaacs

“After a week of being rather dirty and messy, there was a dinner held on the second to last day. It was nothing extravagant, just a dinner where the guys escorted the ladies…

‘Ladies, the gentleman across from you is your escort tonight,’ my dad said.
Yet thing I felt a pang of sadness. He would be disappointed that he had gotten me. He turned to me and I was surprised that he didn’t look disappointed. If he was, he didn’t show it. He walked toward me and offered his arm. I took it.
Heavens, I could hang onto this arm forever.
He smiled at me. His straight teeth gleamed.
Oh, Lord, I love him.
In my naive mind, “love” was the only word that could describe my infatuation with him. I didn’t see the difference between true, sacrificial love and what I was experiencing. Yet, there was most certainly a difference.” (Chapter 5)

It is such a joy and honor to work with a first time author on their manuscript. And if that author has a God-given gift for communicating a story, pulling the reader into not only the scenes but also the emotions of the characters, it is a wonderful labor and birth process.

I hope you will make a note of the title and author. And when this book goes to print and electronic format in about 2 weeks, treat yourself to a copy – especially if you happen to have pre-teen children or grandchildren.

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