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Accountability – Still Part of My Life

J. Lee Grady’s newsletter this month, Why Bishop Eddie Long Should Be Transparent, convicted me of my own need for accountability in order to be spiritually healthy. It is a no-brainer to say that accountability among the ordained is, at best lax, and more often non-existent. As Mr. Grady points out there is a trade-off in our thinking that if the person is still reaching souls for Christ then give them a Free Pass when they stumble. Stumble being a soft euphemism for sin. Jesus says that when I sin I must repent, ask forgiveness and turn from my sinful path. Not payoff those I have offended or ‘spin’ the story.When are we going to embrace the concept of holy fear? When are we going to allow the Holy Spirit to chip away at our hard, prideful hearts so that when we come into the presence of God with a ‘secret sin’ in us, we fall to our knees before our Holy God?  

I hope you will take time today and ready J. Lee Grady’s article, not to nod your head about what Bishop Long should do but join me down here on the floor as I allow the Holy Spirit to clean my heart. And I will also be taking some time today to read 1 Timothy.

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