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Restoration – or Not

Former pastor, Eddie Long, is the more recent in a long list of Christian leaders who have succumbed to temptation in a very public way. J. Lee Grady, former editor of Charisma wrote in his most recent blog,Phoney Rabbis, Lost Discernment and the Eddie Long Disaster True restoration requires a lengthy process of repentance, restitution and inner…

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Still Learning

I wrote a devotion this week, My Expectations, that included the lectionary text, 2 Kings 5:1-14. It was only today that I took the time to read, slowly, Chapter 5 in its entirety. (sigh) The point of the devotion is that I need to obey God even when I can’t see the point of what…

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“Lost December” by Richard Paul Evans

Released on November 1, 2011, Richard Paul Evans has given us another ‘gift’ of a wonderful story that teaches us like a modern day parable. Every year it seems Mr. Evans has brought forth such an inspired work and Lost December does not disappoint. Based on Jesus’ original prodigal son, Mr. Evans’ character, Luke, squanders all…

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The Church: Social Club or Office for The Physician

Book reviews of From Sorrows to Sapphires by Angela Williams and Terrible Things Happened to Me by Tom Scales The Church was designed by Jesus Christ to be a hospital for the ill and dying. Some people come and need support groups and rehab; others need intensive care treatment. Jesus is in the “miracle business”….

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Accountability – Still Part of My Life

J. Lee Grady’s newsletter this month, Why Bishop Eddie Long Should Be Transparent, convicted me of my own need for accountability in order to be spiritually healthy. It is a no-brainer to say that accountability among the ordained is, at best lax, and more often non-existent. As Mr. Grady points out there is a trade-off…