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Bible Knowledge

Great blog post this morning from Greg May (author, teacher, and fisherman), entitled Useless Bible Knowledge?. He tells of a conversation with someone who was interested in coming to a Men’s Bible Study that he does until the fellow found … Continue reading

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There’s Some Sawdust in my Eye and I Want it OUT!

My husband sent me a post today and it is truly the BEST that I have read regarding the media craziness over “Ben and Jerry’s” and “Chik-Fil-A”. With my eyes cleaned out from Mr. Noble’s wise and pithy words, I … Continue reading

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The “Do-Over”

My daughter, Janet Lister, has started her own blog, His Grace is Enuff, and I love her post today, Can I Have a Do-Over? . Her blog is an example of this generation using the social media in the best of … Continue reading

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Some Truths About Cancer

Recently a friend of mine, David Alan Black, wrote a blog, Five Things To Do When You Hear the “C” Word. The “C” word is cancer. Dave and his wife are walking through a very long cancer journey. His words … Continue reading

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Restoration – or Not

Former pastor, Eddie Long, is the more recent in a long list of Christian leaders who have succumbed to temptation in a very public way. J. Lee Grady, former editor of Charisma wrote in his most recent blog,Phoney Rabbis, Lost Discernment and … Continue reading

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New Facebook Page

My husband, Henry, and I have created a new Facebook page as a way for people to connect with us regarding our availability to teach or speak to groups. We would love to hear from you!

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Duff’s Tavern & Grill, Vicksburg, MS

Like many people, I took a road trip during the Christmas holidays to have time with family. Ours was a 12-hour drive and often on those long trips, we have chosen “fast food” which usually sacrifices quality for speed. Thanks … Continue reading

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Writing A Book

My husband and I are partners in a Christian publishing company. It has been an eye-opening experience to work with people to see their dream become a reality. Henry has given guidelines for submissions on our website but I am … Continue reading

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Greg’s Fishin Hole

My friend, Greg, had another great post this morning re: forgiveness.  So come on over to Greg’s Watering Hole today and take a sip of his brew. It’s straight from the Living Water!

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The Church: Social Club or Office for The Physician

Book reviews of From Sorrows to Sapphires by Angela Williams and Terrible Things Happened to Me by Tom Scales The Church was designed by Jesus Christ to be a hospital for the ill and dying. Some people come and need … Continue reading

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